How to Get Rid of Arm Fat Fast

Both men and women are concerned about their body fitness. Everyone dream for a well-toned body. Because of unhealthy food and lack of exercise, we become fatty. The big fatty body will definitely ruin your confidence level. Arm fat becomes an embarrassment when you want to wear a slim fit sleeveless dress, boys also worries about this problem. Do you ever think about your arm fat before selecting a sleeveless dress? There is no need to go to a well-known gym then, all you need is some dedication to do some workouts and little care on your diet.

Effective and simple way to get away from arm fat is to do some workouts. The best way to lose arm fat faster and keep your arms fit is to do 3 to 4 exercises regularly and perform correctly and follow the diet advises. There are many specific exercises are there for arm fat, some of the cool and effective exercises that can perform from home itself are;

Push ups for arm fat:

push up is a kind of basic exercise and most of the people have tried at least once in their lives. Push ups are good for abdomen muscles, lower back muscles etc. and also good for triceps in your arm. This exercise will help you to reduce your arm fat. The exercise may feel difficult to perform at first, but this is considered as one of the effective exercises.

Pull ups for arm fat:

This is basically a kind of upper body pulling exercise. Pull ups are difficult to perform compared to push ups. This is very effective for the muscles in the shoulder, abs, biceps and lower arms. Make sure the bars you find to do the pull ups are strong enough to carry the weight.

Weight lift for arm fat:

You can do this exercise also from your home. All you need is some enough weight to lift. Don’t use too much weight from the beginning. This exercise is very specific to avoid excessive fat in your arms.weight lift for arm fat

Arm circling:

Arm circling considered as one of the best exercise options for the beginners. This is very easy to perform anytime and anywhere. Arm circling is meant for the back, shoulders and hands muscles, so those who want to reduce arm fat, this is good exercise. You can vary the rotation speed and direction while doing this exercise.

Aerobic exercise:

Also known as Cardio exercise.These are generally low to moderate intensity exercises. Aerobic exercises increase the breathing rate of heart and increase body’s metabolism rate. Walking, swimming and dancing are some of the popular aerobic exercises. Swimming is very effective to reduce arm fat and burn belly fat. It also improves the mental health by reducing the effect of stress.

Home boxing:

This is also a type of aerobic exercise. Combat exercises are becoming popular nowadays. Punching bags exercises are very effective for hand muscles and great for reducing arm fat. But you can do the boxing without punching bags or other equipment. You can box with your shadow or an imaginary person.


Yoga is not just stretching exercise, it can burn calories too. Some yoga poses will boost heart rate and thereby metabolism. It also helps you to lose weight fast by burning fat.

All these listed workouts are specific to reduce the arm fat and they are very effective too. Doing exercise only will not help to reduce your arm fat. There is a saying, “prevention is better than cure”. So if you follow a healthy diet, you can able to control the unwanted fat building in your body.

There are some simple easy following tips about how to eat healthy to lose arm fat:

  1. First and important thing need to do is never avoid breakfast, eat like a king in the morning. Include protein rich food in the breakfast; it is the best way to lose unwanted weight from your body, fat arm too.
  2. Eat like a Pauper during dinner and finish your dinner at least two hours before you go to sleep. This is a valid advice for those who struggling with overweight. Since during sleep, the metabolism rate will be very less. Eating more food in the night only helps to gain some fat on your body.
  3. Eat more natural food instead of processed food. Try to include more fruits and vegetables in the diet rather than meat. Since fruits and vegetables are low-fat foods, filling your half with fruits and vegetables make you fat-free.
  4. Eat 5-6 small meals rich in proteins and carbohydrates throughout the day.
  5. Avoid unhealthy snacks and fried foods like Chinese dishes, junk food and burgers as they are fatty and greasy foods that may cause to gain weight.
  6. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, because more amount water in the body help the metabolism rate and helps to burn fat. Try to avoid soft drink products from your life. So drink more water and stay fit.
  7. Drink 2 to 3 cup of green tea regularly. The anti-oxidants contained in the green tea are good to boost your metabolism rate and to burn calories.

The thing you need to remember all the time is, you cannot lose your excess fat in a single day by following all these tips. Be patient and regularly spend some time (at least 30 minutes) to carry out the exercises and eat some quality food. If you follow these techniques, you should feel the difference by a week time. By a couple of weeks, you will achieve your desired shape and you can avoid unnecessary tension that comes with getting dressed.


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